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Ministry head James Okot said in an interview a newly arrived refugee family and a single woman in need had sought the ministry's help last summer in finding a place to live on short notice. While the ministry found each of them a home, Okot said they had absolutely nothing to furnish them. The ministry turned to the MCC store for help. Because he knew John Wieler, one of the store's founding members, from Wieler's days as an MCC representative in Africa, Okot said he also got an extra-sweet deal on the price.

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Wieler explained during a recent interview in the store's spacious, well-stocked main-floor showroom — it has hundreds of items on display on two floors — that about 12 years ago, the church congregation he and the other three founding members belong to was helping resettle refugees in Winnipeg. Though the original aim was to provide affordable furniture for local refugees, it has been expanded to include anyone in need of second-hand furniture — low-income earners, students, young couples and even cottage owners looking for appliances for their weekend retreats.


While there are other second-hand furniture stores in Winnipeg, there are several things that distinguish the Keewatin Street store, and other MCC thrift stores like it, from many of the others. For starters, all but five of its member staff are volunteers. And all profit from the low-cost operation — all the furniture it sells has been donated to the store — is turned over to the MCC to help fund the many community-aid programs it operates in Canada and in developing countries worldwide.

Because the founders purchased an existing store from fellow Mennonite David Schelleberg rather than start one from scratch, they were able to hit the ground running and turn a profit in the first year of operation. That's a source of pride for its owners, employees and the many people who donate furniture to the store each year.

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It's also one of the things that keeps longtime customer Kathy Bousquet coming back year after year. Bousquet estimates that in the 10 years she's been shopping there, she's purchased at least 15 couches, along with dressers, dining-room cabinets, shelving units and tables. This time, she bought some ornaments she'd had her eye on for some time.

As a bonus, they were 25 per cent off as part of the store's year anniversary sale and celebration, which runs until Saturday. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. Once upon a time, The Salvation Army had pages of coupons for everyone across Canada, But nowadays they simply want you to join their newsletter to get additional savings including coupons. Value Village Coupon.

The Salvation Army operated the successful stores Thrift By operating successful Thrift Stores hey can help others afford a better life. Recycling household goods, clothing and more help with not only the environment but also help those with limited funds. At Christmas, they do the Kettle Bells, and several Foodbank drives to help with the less unfortunate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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