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Adsorbed and free lipid bilayers at the solid-liquid interface viewed by specular and off-specular reflectivity. Perino-Gallice, F. Graner, E. Bellet-Amalric, A. Braslau, J. Daillant, G. Fragneto et al.

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Osmophoresis in concentrated suspensions of spherical vesicles. Thermal fluctuations of small vesicles: observation by dynamic light scattering. Brocca, L. Corti, E. Del Favero. DNA complexes with cationic surfactant in mixed solvents: the influence of excess surfactant and salt. McLoughlin, J.

McManus, A. Gorelov, K.

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Microemulsion-based organogels containing lipase: application in the synthesis of esters. Membrane spin-probe studies in lecithin and bis 2-ethylhexyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt water-in-oil microemulsions. Avramiotis, C. Cazianis, A. Does the structure of surfactant complexes on the DNA surface depend on the nucleotide sequence?

Forces between carboxyl and amide groups measured by atomic force microscopy. Cavalleri, L. De Michieli, R. Rolandi, A. Gliozzi, C. Natale, M. Novi et al. Adsorption of fluoro surfactants at air-water and water-carbon dioxide interfaces. Downer, A.

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Paul, D. Steytler, E. Adsorption of n-alkyl polyoxyethylene glycol ethers at liquid-vapour and liquid-liquid interfaces. Liggieri, M. Ferrari, F. Ravera, R. The influence of molecular exchanges on surface dilational properties of surfactant solutions. Wantke, H.

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Fruhner, K. Molecular recognition of a dissolved carboxylate by amidinium monolayers at the air-water interface. Siegel, M. Kindermann, M.

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Regenbrecht, D. Vollhardt, G. Formation of rigid nanodiscs: edge formation and molecular separation.

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  7. Dubois, L. Belloni, Th. Zemb, B. Chemically grafted field-effect transistors for the recognition of ionic species in aqueous solutions. Chevalier, Z. Elbhiri, J. Chovelon, N.

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    A new method to measure the magnetization dependence of the viscosity in polarized liquid He3 is presented. The magnetization is obtained by "brute-force polarization " at 45 mK in magnetic fields up to 11 T; it is subsequently destroyed by saturation of the NMR signal. Our result, a relative Adapting the HSV polarization -color mapping for regions with low irradiance and high polarization. Many mappings from polarization into color have been developed so that polarization information can be displayed.

    One of the most common of these maps the angle of linear polarization into color hue and degree of linear polarization into color saturation, while preserving the irradiance information from the polarization data. While this strategy enjoys wide popularity, there is a large class of polarization images for which it is not ideal. It is common to have images where the strongest polarization signatures in terms of degree of polarization occur in regions of relatively low irradiance: either in shadow in reflective bands or in cold regions in emissive bands. Since the irradiance is low, the chromatic properties of the resulting images are generally not apparent.

    Here we present an alternate mapping that uses the statistics of the angle of polarization as a measure of confidence in the polarization signature, then amplifies the irradiance in regions of high confidence, and leaves it unchanged in regions of low confidence. Results are shown from an LWIR and a visible spectrum imager. High proton polarization at high temperature with single crystals of aromatic molecules.

    Such polarization has been achieved at liquid nitrogen temperature in a magnetic field of 3 kG by means of microwave-induced optical nuclear polarization. We also measured the polarization by the neutron transmission method. The relaxation time at 77 K in 7 G was found to be about 3 h and the enhancement of the obtained polarization compared with thermal polarization reached 8x10 4.

    This method is applicable to neutron experiments. Polarization holograms allow highly efficient generation of complex light beams. We report a viable method to generate complex beams, such as the non-diffracting Bessel and Weber beams, which relies on the encoding of amplitude information, in addition to phase and polarization , using polarization holography. The holograms are recorded in polarization sensitive films by the interference of a reference plane wave with a tailored complex beam, having orthogonal circular polarizations.

    The high efficiency, the intrinsic achromaticity and the simplicity of use of the polarization holograms make them competitive with respect to existing methods and attractive for several applications. Theoretical analysis, based on the Jones formalism, and experimental results are shown. Liu, Kun [Univ.

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    Recent years have witnessed growing interests in both the fundamentals and applications of electric double layer capacitors EDLCs , also known as supercapacitors. A number of strategies have been explored to optimize the device performance in terms of both the energy and power densities.

    Because the properties of electric double layers EDL are sensitive to ion distributions in the close vicinity of the electrode surfaces, the supercapacitor performance is sensitive to both the electrode pore structure and the electrolyte composition. In this paper, we study the effects of polar additives on EDLC capacitance using the classical density functional theory within the framework of a coarse-grained model for the microscopic structure of the porous electrodes and room-temperature ionic liquids. The theoretical results indicate that a highly polar , low-molecular-weight additive is able to drastically increase the EDLC capacitance at low bulk concentration.

    Additionally, the additive is able to dampen the oscillatory dependence of the capacitance on the pore size, thereby boosting the performance of amorphous electrode materials. Finally, the theoretical predictions are directly testable with experiments and provide new insights into the additive effects on EDL properties. Inducing elliptically polarized high -order harmonics from aligned molecules with linearly polarized femtosecond pulses. A recent paper reported elliptically polarized high -order harmonics from aligned N2 using a linearly polarized driving field [X.

    Zhou et al. This observation cannot be explained in the standard treatment of the Lewenstein model and has been ascribed to many A reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatographic RP-HPLC method was developed to analyze in a single run, most polar and non- polar chlorophylls and carotenoids from marine phytoplankton. The method is based on a RP-CAmide column and a ternary gradient system consistin The Boomerang Nebula: a highly polarized bipolar.

    An optical linear polarization map of a bipolar nebula is presented. Polarizations of approximately 60 per cent are observed in the optically thin lobes. The map leads to a geometry of the object consisting of a central star with an equatorial disc of dust and optically thin lobes illuminated by the central star.