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Our hinged labels, instant redeemable coupons and clean release cards are all excellent ways to bring immediate impact to your product on the crowded shelf. These products can provide eye catching designs or deliver additional product information, product recipes, cross promotion sales and point of purchase discounts.

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Our products can mix and match different materials and adhesives to achieve your projects perfect outcome. Product hang tags can be almost any shape, size, color and use many different material face sheets to bring attention to your product. We print everything from paper hang tags to etched wood or embossed faux leather patches that serves as a hang tag for their products. It dissolves, really! These paper pressure sensitive markings simply dissolve in the container washing and rinsing process, with no face or adhesive residue left behind.

Better yet, your drains will never clog. Our sanitation practices allow these labels to be placed directly onto food products with full confidence that food will remain safe. The following security features are available in paper and film label stock materials:. We also can inlay taggants and shadow print between the underside of the label face and adhesive labels featuring aggressive adhesives tracking and tracing functionality.

Variable information can be printed on anti-forgery paper or used as a unique identifier. Our bumper stickers can be produced on a wide variety of materials, and can be paired with permanent and removable acrylic adhesives or micro-spheric adhesives that will not leave any surface residue when the sticker is removed.

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Our bumper stickers are durable in construction and will resist ink fading in outdoor applications. Our static clings can be placed inside or outside the window. This is what you learned above, the manufacturer is just stating it on the coupon to be clear. A transaction is a shopping trip, or each receipt issued. A transaction refers to the entire purchase.

If you buy 5 items and then pay the cashier, that is considered one transaction. It is super important to follow the terms of the coupon, coupons are a privilege manufacturers extend to customers.

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If they do begin to loose money on coupons they may consider lowering the value of coupons they issue often, or not generating any coupons at all. You are responsible for reading and following the terms of the coupon, not the cashier and not the manager of the store.

Ask The Readers - Is It OK To Take Coupons Off Products?

If you have any question you may always post them in our Facebook group and we are always there to help! Click here to join our Facebook group. HOT Coupons to print Savings. SavingStar Snap by Groupon! I think people who take the peelies and the hangtags off the products without purchasing them are stealing from those who actually buy the products. I have seen this happen way too many times to count. Tearpads might be a little more lenient, but I think it is greedy to grab the whole thing.

Stockpiling Tip – Collect Coupons at the Store

However if you dont, you can bet that someone else will take all of them, just lime you mentioned. I am very much in the NO camp. First, the manufacturer may not care.

When is it ok to remove a Peelie or Hangtag?

Second, the store collects the coupons and trades them for reimbursement from the manufacturer. The store would be unable to retain the sticker for trade. As far as peelies being there on the product and not anymore, yes I know people take them. But I have also been at stores and seen employees of the stores taking peelies off the product and putting it back on the shelf, like they were ordered to do it by management.

We know that is silly because they get more money taking the coupon, but some managers are misguided as we know. Because I felt convicted, I think it must be wrong, at least from my moral standpoint. Not everyone has morals or scruples these days unfortunately.

I think that people that remove all the peelies and hangtags fall into that category. If everyone were as ethical and magnanimous as they appear to be here then YOU should run for president. This have been very enlighten………like many things……always so many ways to think. I think it is a toss up.

But on the other hand I know when I see them they will be gone as soon as those certain couponer show up. I have taken ten at one time because I knew I was going to use them on payday.

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I used them later. Only time I have done it. Those coupons belong to the person that is purchasing that item at that time.


Although I have never heard of a store prosecuting for it, I have heard of a asking people not to come back and threatening them with trespass if they do. Lol heck, yeah, I will take them with great pleasure! Ha ha ha! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friend's Email Address.